5 Famous Foods to Try at Dubai’s Global Village

With the place representing almost 80 countries, the opportunities for fun are endless at Global Village, Dubai. Gear up to travel around the world and make sure to dress up a little warm because it gets a little chilly in the evening. Global Village is bustling with activity all year round and people are always looking for opportunities to visit the place again because there is so much to see at this amazing place that one day might not be enough. The ticket price for Global Village is considerably low when you realize what you get in return. Walk around the pavilions and get a tour of the world in a single day. Learn each country’s culture and try out new things. It might be the Shea butter that Africa offers for a smooth and hydrated skin or the beautiful and romantic Taj Mahal from India, that is one of the seven wonders of the world. Go back in time to ancient Egypt and learn more about the mummifying process of that time. But in all this walking around, make sure to keep yourself energetic with delicious food that you can find at every corner. And with that, here are five foods you need to try at the Global Village.

  1.     UAE Luqaimat

When in Dubai, you need to try the traditional UAE Luqaimat. And what better place to find some than in the fantastic environment of the Global Village. It is a sweet dish that will keep you wanting to grab another one. Luqaimat are like sweet dumplings made out of pure love and are a famous part of Emirati culture. Usually enjoyed in Ramadan, the dish is so popular that you can find it in many restaurants and the Global Village, all year round. Become a part of the Emirati culture as you indulge in this sweet dish.

  1.     Turkish Ice Cream

You may have seen many videos online of the ice cream vendor pranking his customers, now you can have that experience in real time. Try to see if you can beat the lightning fast reflexes of the ice cream vendor or predict his next moves because no matter how smart you are, he will always be a step ahead of you. Have fun enjoying this back and forth with the Turkish ice cream vendor because you know when it all comes to an end, you will be walking away with the most delicious ice cream.

  1.     Japanese Mochi

Talking about sweet things, the Japanese rice cakes are not just famous in Asia, but all over the world. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made out of mochigome, which is a short grain japonica glutinous rice. The soft and chewy texture of the Mochi is famous all over the world and that is why, you can also find it at the Global Village. Try the different flavors of Mochi, which comes in different soothing colors that makes them even more appealing. As you know, we eat with our eyes first.

  1.     Turkish Borek

Borek is a famous middle eastern pastry made of a thin flaky dough, which is a must try if you have not before. When it comes to the pastry’s filling, there is a whole variety like meat, cheese, herbs, potatoes and so much more so you can buy whichever one suits your palette. Borek is a delight for your taste buds and definitely worth a try, because once you taste this cheesy goodness, we guarantee you would be thinking about it in your free time often.

  1.     Indian Lassi

The Indian Chaat Bazaar at the Global Village smells fantastic as it is packed with amazing Indian street foods that will satisfy all your taste buds. The spicy Indian street food is famous all over the world and you can try as much of that as you want in the Indian Chaat Bazaar. And you might want to wash it down with something sweet and that is where the Indian Lassi comes in. This cold, sweet buttermilk mixture is a favorite among all and a must try, when you are at the Global Village. The soothing milkshake-like texture of the lassi makes it a perfect drink at the end of your meal.

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