5 Services Offered in a Medical Spa

Regular spas will attach their services at a lower cost to attract customers. However, his medical spas will offer the same services at a higher price, but have you asked yourself why these spas charge more? The services at the medical spa might be costly as they hire certified doctors like Dr. Kenneth Thompson, who takes your health issues seriously. Your beautician should understand the ingredient list and how it affects your body. They should offer medical-guided skincare and a weight loss routine that meets your needs. Here are services offered in a medical spa.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal at a medical spa is safe and convenient for all patients. The procedure removes hair in every part of the skin without leaving razor bumps and ingrown hair. The laser uses high radiation beams which are directed to a specific area of the skin. You will not need a new growth to undergo laser hair removal as the beams destroy the hair follicles, reducing the hair’s density and coarseness. Laser hair removal

Body Contouring

Body contouring removes fat deposits on the stomach and underarms, improving your silhouette. The contouring procedures include liposuction, a minimally invasive procedures that break down fat. The doctor will inject a liquid to break down the fats and drain the broken fat through incisions on the treatment site. Unfortunately, liposuction might not work on fats around the organs and only removes the fats beneath the skin surface.

Medically-Guided Weight Loss

Medically-guided weight loss involves customized nutrition and exercise plans that meet the patient’s needs. For instance, the medical spas work closely with therapists who formulate the exercise for people with joint issues. Dieticians will ensure you take food groups that meet your nutritional and energy needs. Furthermore, medical spas may offer bariatric surgery, which reduces the size of the stomach, thus controlling the food intake.

Dermatologically-Approved Skincare Routine

Your spa should offer dermatologically-approved skincare products for your skin type. The dermatologists in these clinics will monitor how your skin reacts to the products and recommend a routine that supplies nutrients to the skin. Skincare should consider skin type, as all skin types have different needs. You may avoid stripping cleansers for dry skin as they remove the sebum and expose it to more dryness.


Botox and dermal filler injections deal with signs of aging, and they will cut down years from your age. The dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which increases collagen and elastin production on the skin leading to youthfulness. The collagen fills the fine lines, eliminates wrinkles, and deals with skin sagging. On the other hand, Botox is made of weakened toxins that can freeze the facial muscles. Thus, it eliminates the wrinkles on the forehead, smile lines, and the under-eye.

Although visiting regular spas is less costly, you might not receive the desired services in these spas. Medical spas use innovative technology to deal with your health issues, and you can consult a certified doctor during treatment. They offer laser hair removal treatments and medically-guided weight loss techniques such as bariatric surgery, liposuction, dieting, and exercise. You might also access dermatologically-approved skin care products that treat specific issues such as acne. Medical spas work like traditional hospitals, but you should not rely on them entirely as you would need to see a doctor when dealing with severe illnesses.

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