For mood disorder give a shot to ketamine

There has been a lot of interest in a new method for treating mental health conditions called ketamine infusion therapy. This new treatment has been effective in helping people with depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. 

There is a particular type of therapy that has caught people’s attention called “spring ketamine.” In this blog post, we will explore the concept of spring ketamine, how it is different from traditional ketamine therapy, and the potential advantages it brings.

Spring Ketamine

Spring ketamine is a unique type of ketamine infusion therapy that focuses on the seasonal aspect of treatment. The treatment protocol is adjusted to use the positive psychological and physiological effects that often come with the arrival of spring. The changing seasons affect our mood and mental well-being. For some people, springtime brings a boost in mood because of things like more sunlight and being able to spend more time outside.

Spring Ketamine Characteristics

  • The timing for spring ketamine sessions is carefully planned to coincide with the start of the spring season, usually in March or April. The timing is selected to possibly enhance the therapeutic benefits of ketamine by taking advantage of the naturally uplifted mood that some people have during this time of year.
  • Some people practising spring ketamine therapy include natural elements in the treatment environment. One possibility is to hold therapy sessions outdoors or create an atmosphere that helps patients feel connected to nature. This can enhance the potential psychological advantages.

Potential Advantages

Although there is limited research specifically focused on spring ketamine, the underlying concept is based on the proven effectiveness of ketamine infusion therapy. It is believed that by matching treatment with the positive mood changes that come with spring, the antidepressant and mood-stabilizing effects of ketamine might be improved.


Spring ketamine is an exciting option for people looking for different ways to improve their mental well-being. Ketamine therapy, when aligned with the uplifting nature of the spring season, provides a unique perspective on treatment. If you’re thinking about trying spring ketamine, it’s essential to talk to a knowledgeable medical professional who has experience with ketamine infusion therapy.

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