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The convenience of premixes.

For those of us who are busy, on the go, or simply don’t want to be bothered with measuring ingredients and mixing our drinks, premixed drinks are a great alternative. They’re easy to use and can be taken anywhere. So whether you’re looking for something delicious at home or on your next trip, there’s a premixed drink out there!

No need to measure.

The convenience of not having to measure, seek ideal ingredients, or worry about mixing ratios and clean-up is quite liberating. And the premixed drinks often come in pints, so they are easy to carry and are bundled with different flavours to suit everyone’s liking in the group.

It’s easier to drink when you already have everything together in one container. Mixing up drinks is fussy and time-consuming. Also, if you’re hosting a party or having guests over at your house and want to make sure there are plenty of drinks available for everyone who wants them, this is an excellent option that saves time while still giving everyone what they need.

How are pre-mixes made?

There are many different ways to make a pre-mixed cocktail. The most traditional is a mixing machine, which uses water, alcohol and flavourings to create the perfect drink. The ratio of each ingredient used in the mix depends on its intended audience.

Different types of cocktails you can get in a mix.

You can find pre-mixed cocktails in the following forms:

  • Martini kit (vodka, vermouth and olives)
  • Margarita kit (tequila, triple sec and lime)
  • Daiquiri kit (rum, lime juice and sugar)
  • Cosmopolitan mix (vodka, cranberry juice and triple sec)
  • Pina Colada mix (rum or coconut rum; pineapple juice; cream of coconut)
  • Gin and tonic (pink, blue and berry)
  • Vodka Soda (pear and elderflower, watermelon and lychee, rainforest lime)

There are also cocktail mixes available that include a variety of different liquors. For example, you might be able to buy a “Classic Cocktail Mix” that includes vodka, gin and whiskey. Or perhaps you prefer a “Bourbon Whiskey Mixer” which includes bourbon and cola or ginger ale.

Where you can buy them

You can find pre-mixed cocktails in many places. You may be able to buy them at your local grocery store or liquor store or purchase them online at Manly Spirits.

Are these good for anything other than parties?

You might use them to drink at home or on the go, maybe even on a boat or beach. If you’re going to a party but don’t feel like mixing drinks yourself and/or want some variety in your life, pre-mixed cocktails are more than just an option—they’re an opportunity. They also make great gifts for weddings. Just think of how much better everyone will feel when they don’t have to worry about having enough booze for their guests’ needs (or lack thereof).

Know what you’re drinking if it’s not homemade.

While it’s nice to have one less thing to do while entertaining, knowing what you’re drinking is essential if you’ve purchased a pre-mixed cocktail. Be sure to read the ingredients and check for any red flags:

  • Know what’s in your drink. Does it contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, or other artificial additives or preservatives? If so, perhaps choose something else that doesn’t have these ingredients.
  • How much alcohol is really in my drink? Look at the serving size on the bottle and ensure that it contains enough alcohol for how many people will be drinking from it.


As you’ve seen, pre-mixed cocktails are a great way to enjoy great drinks without breaking your back mixing them at home. They’re easy to find and fun too.


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