Top Careers for Zoology Majors

Zoology is one of the most popular subjects among students coming from a biological science background in their 11h standards. Many of the candidates from a young age aspire to explore the world of animals as well as everything about flora and fauna and pursue Zoology in the future. Following your dreams should indeed be done, especially if you’re able to achieve it.

Zoology has indeed been one of the most promising subjects, that will not only bring plenty of future scopes to you, but also provide you plenty of knowledge, to know the unknown, and is also accompanied by adventure to some of the professionals, depending upon their work. Candidates can access various Zoology courses from several online course selling website.

However, some aspire to pursue Zoology as a subject, but many of them are unaware of what careers they can attain with a degree in Zoology. To sort out their problem, here we are today discussing the top careers that one can attain as a Zoology major student.


As you can understand by the name of the subject, the best career which you can attain with a Zoology majors degree is the job of a Zoologist. Though securing a Zoology degree, from any course selling website, won’t help you to attain the profession, you need to earn a degree from an institute. 

Zoologist is certainly one of the dream jobs that candidates want to secure where they need to work in research laboratories, an academic institution, or even in the open field. They engage themselves in studying animals in captivity or in their or it can be in their natural environment, and monitor their behavior as well as their development. The salary of a Zoologist in India is INR 4 lakhs.


Being an aquarist is also among the top job options for which candidates can attain a Zoology major degree. It is among those unique job options, you need to try, where professionals engage themselves in caring for the fish as well as the other animals living in aquariums. Their major responsibilities include feeding the creatures, monitoring and cleaning their habitats, as well as cleaning them, and many more roles are there. Some Aquarists also play an educational role and administer presentations to individuals who come to visit the special animals in their care. The average salary of an Aquarist in India is INR 2.5 lakhs per annum.

Park Naturalist

Another great career which you can opt for is the job of a Park Naturalist. It also comes among the perfect matches with the individuals having a Zoology major degree. They engage themselves in assisting people in making the most of the world’s recreational sites as well as parks. They being knowledgeable of the natural world, they educate the visitors on various animals, fascinating plants, as well as the ecosystems, circling them. Some of the park naturalists also teach individuals how to respect and protect the stunning wildlife around us. The average salary of a Park Naturalist in India is INR 2.67 lakhs per year.

Marine Biologist

Marine Biologist is among the most reputed as well as one of the most high-paying jobs that a Zoology major student can attain. They are primarily specialized scientists whose major part of the study is about saltwater plants as well as animals. Marine Biologists work with whales, algae, plankton, fish, and many other species. 

Though positions of marine biologists can vary, most of them comprise a mix of research along with teaching. Some of their major works include collecting and analyzing seawater samples, educating the students of a particular organization or a university, writing research reports, etc. The average salary of a marine biologist in India is INR 7 lakhs per annum.


Though you might have to take a little bit more education, one of the ideal choices for a Zoology student is to become a Veterinarian. They assist almost all kinds of animals to recover from illness, heal from various injuries, and do support in many other works. They also regulate physical exams, provide immunizations and emergency care, do surgery if necessary, and also advise clients on taking care of their pets. The average salary of a Veterinarian in India is INR 6 lakhs.

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