5 Lifestyle Factors That Make Neuroma Worse

Are you experiencing chronic pain, tingling, and burning in your feet? If yes, you are more likely to be suffering from the most common type of neuroma known as Morton’s neuroma. If unmanaged, this condition affects how you walk or limits you from playing sports as it impacts your mobility. Although neuroma can be debilitating, Fort Worth neuroma treatment options are here to help stabilize your condition. While this condition can occur naturally, specific lifestyle factors can fuel neuroma. Let’s explore the five habits to avoid if you don’t want to suffer from the unbearable discomfort of the neuroma.

1. Wearing high-heeled shoes

The type of shoes you wear is a critical determinant of whether you will get neuroma. In that case, you are a top culprit for neuroma if you are fond of wearing heeled shoes. These shoes aggravate your foot nerves since they put extensive pressure on your feet. In addition, if you wear such shoes for a long period, they can squeeze your nerves. to be on the safer side, avoid such shoes and you must wear them don’t stand for long hours.

2. Being overweight or obese

Generally, carrying excess pounds puts more strain on your feet, paving the way for numerous foot complications. The case is no different with neuroma as it doesn’t go well, along with being overweight. The excess pounds worsen neuroma symptoms and can even cause it to spread further if the weight is ignored. Being overweight is an enemy of your overall health, and you should work extra to ensure you cut the extra pounds.

3. Skipping your workouts

Typically, workouts are essential in helping you manage your weight. Ignoring your usual workouts means an increase in weight which causes arthritis of the feet, tendon inflammation, and plantar fasciitis. Moreover, skipping exercise can make your current neuroma status worse. If you’re already a neuroma victim, ensure you engage in effective workouts to help manage your weight.

4. Wearing the wrong sporting shoes

If you’re sport active and often wear shoes that restrict your feet is a call for a neuroma. Whether it’s soccer, tennis, golf, or skiing shoes, put on those that don’t restrict your feet. Wear fitting and proper sporting footwear if you don’t want to be a candidate for a neuroma. Before purchasing, seek professional advice on the right shoes to safeguard your feet in the long run.

5. Wearing shoes with a narrow toe box

Every shoe with a narrow heel can also wreak havoc on your feet. This is because too narrow footwears squeeze your footballs, compressing your feet nerve to the point that worsens your neuroma symptoms. To ensure you are safe from this frustrating condition, be on the look for the type of shoes to wear.

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