5 Types of Marketing Every Marketer Must Know About

Marketing is a field that is constantly evolving to meet the whims of the market, be it consumer trends or the market’s needs. A good marketer has a set of strategies in place to grow a business from scratch. A great marketer allows their strategies to evolve with the market. For instance, the model of marketing has drastically changed ever since a guy in Wuhan ate bat meat. Capitalizing on the market’s present condition is vital in order for a business to stay relevant. Thus, just like any other professional, a marketer has to keep themselves updated with the market. If capitalism is the ocean, it’s brimming with marketing opportunities. All that a business needs is to have an expert marketer onboard who can fish them out. That’s where market strategies come in. A marketing strategy defines the approach a marketer will take to build a certain business, service, or product’s presence in the market. From utilizing a popular influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer to implementing a visitor tracking software/tool in order to generate a database, the options for a marketer are endless. All one needs in this field is some creativity to tell a story with data. 

Types of Marketing

Here are some of the most popular forms of marketing these days. Any up-and-coming marketer should have a mastery of these marketing strategies or approaches. Keep in mind that some approaches may overlap with each other.

Social Marketing

Social marketing is distinct from social media marketing. Popularized by the legendary marketing author Philip Kotler in the 1970s, this form of marketing is dedicated to social change. Its essence was to sell ideas, attitudes, and principles along with a particular product or service. For instance, Gillette’s revisionary advertisement campaign titled “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” is an apt example of social marketing. This advertisement campaign sought to raise awareness of toxic masculinity, and it directly addressed this issue. The purpose of this ad campaign was to drive social change with their progressive take on masculinity. And above all, they wanted this progressive take to be associated with their products. Today, as brands get more and more politically active, social marketing is key in defining a brand persona. Another example of social marketing would be brands pulling out of Russia after the nation’s attack on Ukraine in order to take a moral stand. All brand/business-related actions that can be associated with a social issue qualify as a form of social marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is defined by its mode. As mentioned before, certain marketing types or strategies may overlap with each other. By definition, any marketing endeavor that is digital in nature can be classified as digital marketing. It doesn’t matter whether one is engaging in green marketing or social marketing, if it’s online, it’s digital marketing. There are various tools and methodologies that a digital marketer can use to grow a business. These include but are not limited to social media marketing, website development, digital events, etc. What’s more, is that digital marketing is very much affordable, even for small businesses. Thus, you don’t really have to be an industry giant in order to have an efficient digital marketing plan in place. On the internet, the playing ground is more or less equal for everyone. A brand’s visibility and reputation can shoot through the roof with just one viral piece of media or post.

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Green Marketing

Ever since Di Caprio got vocal about climate change, the mainstream is starting to take notice of the planet’s condition. As George Carlin aptly put it in his stand-up – “The earth isn’t in danger. It’s not going anywhere. We are.” The current industrial activities of human beings are taking a heavy toll on this planet. If our activities go unchecked at the current pace, the planet might no longer be able to sustain human beings. The cries of scientists have just started to reach the ears of the everyday public. Marketers, too, have taken notice. That’s where green marketing comes in. Brands that are going carbon neutral or taking steps to implement sustainable solutions in order to reduce carbon emissions often engage in green marketing. Their motto is quite simple – our products/services do not harm the planet. And this is perhaps the biggest selling point any business can have today. Some notable brands that have started green marketing campaigns include Apple, Unilever, Starbucks, IKEA, etc.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing can be a bit tricky to define, as it’s supposed to be unconventionally innovative. In other words, you only recognize a guerilla marketing campaign once you see it. It’s the perfect form of marketing for targeting a small group of people locally. Some of the most popular guerilla marketing tactics include word-to-mouth marketing, in-your-face promotions, as well as publicity stunts. Guerilla Marketing can be a bit risky. Thus, most businesses prefer to steer clear of it. However, a decent guerilla marketing campaign can have an extraordinarily positive impact. There are countless examples of low-cost guerilla marketing campaigns that made headlines. Here are some of them to inspire the guerilla marketer inside you: Tyskie’s Beer Door Handle, Raising The Roof’s Uncomfortable Posters, and The Dressing Room in the Street by Arkaden, a Swedish mall. 

Holistic Marketing

No one form of marketing can completely fit the bill. Any functional marketing team has to ensure that efforts are being made on every possible front. For instance, green marketing campaigns often overlap with social marketing. Social change and justice are inextricably tied with climate change. Moreover, a guerilla marketing campaign may be completely digital in nature. Thus, every business requires a marketing strategy that borrows the best parts relevant to their business model from real-time examples as well as marketing strategy theories. 


One effective tip that will help you with almost all forms of marketing is to get as much data as possible. Preliminary research can either make or break a marketing campaign. From behavioral analytics tools like WatchThemLive to financial data on the market, numbers will be your best friends as a marketer. Once you’ve all the data on the table, you can choose the appropriate marketing type.

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