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Avoid Fake Yeezys by Remembering These Legit-Checking Tips

Nowadays, you will see sneakers popping out on your social media because of the many variations that one person can get. They provide you comfort while also accompanying you in various ranges of activities. There are many well-known sneaker brands. One of the topmost brands is Adidas, which is most famous for its Continentals, Superstars, NMD, and Ultra Boost. 

If you are slowly taking an interest in the sneaker industry and want to try out Adidas shoes, you should consider the Adidas Yeezy. They are one of the most popular sneakers of this generation because of their unique design. However, make sure you learn the best ways to check if your Yeezys are fake to ensure you do not get scammed out of your money. 

Inspect the Heel Tab and the Knit Pattern

One method of checking your Yeezys is to inspect the shoe’s heel tab and ensure it is placed correctly. You should know that many fake pairs of Yeezys will have heel tabs placed closer to the lining. You will see that Yeezys height is higher on fakes, which should signify that you will be buying a fake pair. 

After checking the heel tab’s location, the next one is the knit pattern above it. It would be best to remember that each Yeezy has different textures to achieve a unique pattern. You can tell if the Yeezys are fake when you see a loose-knit, making the shoes appear as if they have been made hastily without proper quality control. 

 Inspect the Outsole Boost Details

The next one to check on an Adidas Yeezy is its outsole boost detail. Many replica manufacturers are slowly perfecting their craft by producing millions of batches every year, and most people are unaware that they are buying fakes nowadays. Fortunately, one detail that replica manufacturers still cannot perfect is the outsole boost. 

It should have the right texture, a bumpy material with a glossy finish. You should also check the entire shape of the boost window because a wide and bulky one is a sign that fakes usually have. Ensure that the boost window has an asymmetrical shape that does not have the slightest shape or material issue. 

Check the Outsole Boost Logo

The third tip to legit-check Yeezy shoes is checking the outsole boost logo under the heel area. An authentic pair will have a thicker, more colourful boost logo on the heel, while a fake pair will have a bland, plastic-ish material and thin engraving on the sole. 

You should also not forget to check the tiny details on the Boost window. It will have tiny circle stamps with vertical lines, and they should have a defined pattern. A fake Yeezy pair will likely have consistent stamps spread throughout the window. 

Check the Entire Sewing Pattern

Any pair of Yeezys should always have a clean stitching pattern on every part of the shoe. It should also be tight enough not to come off even when removing it. Another factor to consider about the sewing pattern is that fake pairs will have a thin stitching pattern. 

If you want high-quality, legit Yeezy pairs, you should always look for well-known sellers. There are many stores that you can trust to get your Yeezys without any issues. However, it would be best always to verify the store before your purchase. 

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