Common Benefits of Retainers You Should Not Underestimate

A sparkling smile massively boosts your dental appearance and confidence. One way to achieve this is by wearing braces to fix crooked or misaligned teeth. However, it comes to a point where you have to remove these braces. To maintain a long-lasting smile, you need to wear retainers after you remove braces. Wearing retainers Carmichael has helped numerous individuals, including kids, hold straight teeth in proper positions after getting braces. Therefore, do not underestimate the power of retainers because they come with several benefits, including the following.

Boosted Smile

If you invest in retainers, you can change your smile for your entire life. Getting straight smiles from orthodontic treatment can boost your self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, a straight smile makes you more successful, attractive, and trustworthy to others. Therefore, once you remove braces, you should invest in retainers as they preserve your smile and prevent relapse.

Enhanced Chewing

Once you remove braces, retainers help your teeth to stay straight, which is vital for better chewing. You can chew food without complication when you have straight teeth and the right bite. Besides, chewing food thoroughly boosts the production of saliva. Increased saliva means there are numerous enzymes, indicating there are few chances of the development of plaque and cavities. Thus, do not be afraid to seek attention from a dental specialist if you have trouble chewing.

Better Breathing

Several patients assert to their orthodontist that they experience improved breathing whenever they begin using retainers. Notably, particular types of retainers can assist you in maintaining the alignment of your tooth and jaw and boost your breathing. Usually, this scenario happens when the retainer is designed to be worn at night.

Reduced Chances of Diabetes

In most cases, if you can use retainers accordingly, you reduce the chances of poor oral health. Failure to use them accordingly can develop poor oral health linked to a high risk of diabetes. Moreover, it may worsen your health if you have diabetes. Therefore, you should contact your orthodontics if you experience symptoms like blurry vision, fatigue, and feeling hungry and thirsty, as they may be signaling diabetes due to poor oral health.

Better Speech

For some kids, retainers help them to improve their speech. Usually, retainers facilitate adjustment of tongue placement, ensuring the children can form sounds properly as they develop vocabulary. To get more comfortable while talking with a retainer, you should begin by speaking slowly to those close to you regularly. Doctors assert that the more you practice speaking, the more you will become comfortable when talking with a retainer.

Stimulated Teeth Alignment

Proper teeth alignment ensures your teeth, muscles, and temporomandibular joints function harmoniously. However, when your teeth are misaligned, you are more prone to bite problems. Bite problems can cause serious complications such as gum disease, decay, and speech concerns if untreated. Luckily, retainers ensure your teeth do not get misaligned after bracing. Therefore, you should see a dentist specializing in bite complications if you experience gum disease, decay, and speech concerns.

If you are yet to receive retainers after removing braces, it is high time to get them. Gaiduchik Orthodontics, located in Carmichael, California, offers comprehensive and long-lasting retainers to boost your smile. Dr. Andrey is dedicated to providing complete orthodontic treatment and minimizing the possibility of relapse. Call the Carmichael office today or book an appointment online for outstanding services you cannot regret.

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