Essential Reasons for Having a Urinalysis

Hospital visits are essential to everyone so that you can understand your health status and live a good life free from diseases. When you visit your doctor, they recommend different tests to examine your overall health status. Most of them will ask for a urine test to help unearth any problems that may not be visible through observation and other screening. Urinalysis effectively detects some underlying conditions that come from your lifestyle, such as diabetes. Getting a good Sugar Land urinalysis specialist may be daunting. However, at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital, the team has experience in urine testing through their on-site lab and guarantees prompt results. You will then enjoy their services of interpreting the results and offering the best treatment scheduling based on the test results. Here are some reasons for undergoing urinalysis.

When You Have Blood in your Urine

When urinating, you may detect some spots of blood mixed with urine. This red flag may force you to visit your doctor for further treatment. Once in the hospital, the doctor will order a urinalysis to help unearth the underlying problem. A urine test will help determine the possible causes, which will help the doctor to conclude and offer you treatment. Blood in the urine may be due to urinary tract infections, cysts, or kidney stones, and all these can be detected once a urinalysis is performed.

Due To Back or Abdominal Pain

People experience various body problems that cause discomfort in their lives. Having abdominal pain is very unappealing and disabling. Most back or abdominal pain resolves itself. But if it persists and you visit a doctor, they may request you to have a urinalysis to identify the cause of your pain. The results may show the availability of kidney stones or UTIs and other related infections through a urine test. This is effective and will give the doctor a good starting point in your treatment process.

When You Experience Painful Urination

Urinating is a common procedure that occurs when your urinary bladder is full. You can do it frequently, depending on your intake of fluids. You should not experience any discomfort when you are healthy. However, there are instances where you experience pain when urinating, which comes as a burning feeling along the urethra. You may experience that during and after urinating, forcing you to visit your doctor. The doctor will request a urinalysis to identify the cause of your pain. The urine PH may be high, causing UTI and other infections causing pain during urination.

If You Have Cloudy Urine

The color of your urine is essential in determining your health condition. It changes color based on what you take and how your body reacts. If you are well hydrated, the urine should be clear. However, there are instances when you experience cloudy urine, which will show some defects in your body. Once you go to a doctor, a urinalysis will determine the problem, which will help the doctor in treatment.

There are various ways in which your doctor will determine the health conditions in your body. Various tests are necessary, including blood and stool sample tests. However, urinalysis is essential in determining somebody’s problems which other tests may not unearth. St. Michael’s Elite Hospital team has experience in urinalysis to help address problems that may affect your normal life. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.

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