How Has Use of RFID Technology Revolutionised the Healthcare System?

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) refers to wireless identification technology that mainly employs radiofrequency waves. The healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry has emerged as one of the lucrative markets where RDIF technology is used extensively.

As per the record, during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global market for RFID uses in healthcare is estimated at around the US $4.2 Billion in 2020. If reports are believed, it is expected to rise by the US $9.1 Billion by 2026.

This post talks about some benefits of incorporating RFID-enabled devices or RFID technology in the healthcare system.

  • Tracking Patients

RFID-enabled technology (both passive and active) is used extensively across the hospitals to track patients and their caregivers. Outfitting patients with RFOD tags, hospital management can easily verify the information of the patients, minimise bottlenecks and at the same time identify their location.

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The use of RFID powered wristbands has become very popular nowadays that helps maintain and verify the records of the patients. This gets very important during emergencies and ensures the fact that the patients get the right medicine when needed.

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  • Tacking Inventory

Nowadays, hospitals and healthcare facilities utilise RFID-enabled technology to track their inventories. The RFID technology is also witnessing rapid use in the pharmaceutical industry to eliminate counterfeiting of prescription drugs and the operational and supply chain benefits.

It is important for the stakeholders in the healthcare industry to keep track of the ever-growing supply of medicines and should also ensure that they are available for use when needed. RFID powered tags easily track valuable assets for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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  • Tracking Surgical Tools

In hospitals, doctors use surgical tools on a regular basis to perform surgeries. Specialised surgical tools like scalpels, scissors, clamps, retractors and others should be easy access when needed. Also, they should be clean, disinfected and ready to use.

With the help of RFID tags, professionals in the medical industry ensure that no single equipment goes for use without proper sterilization. The use of RFIS powered tags are mainly embedded in the surgical equipment to keep real-time tracking of the surgical tools. RFID technology companies ensure that the tagging are done in the right way so that the tools are tracked accurately when needed.

  • Tracking Laundry

Along with medical essentials, laundry like blankets, towels, pillowed, sheets, etc., are also needed to run hospitals better. It is important to note that maintaining proper hygiene is the key to using laundry items in the healthcare industry. ]

All these products mentioned before should be washed and disinfected before the admission of a new patient. And this can be done securely and flawlessly by RFID laundry tags. The tags are very effective in suggesting the track of the laundry items, and it also suggests whether they are sterile.

Apart from the ones, there are many other benefits of using RFID technology in the healthcare system proven extremely beneficial. It’s high time to get in touch with a professional RFID service provider to explore more on it and modernise the quality of healthcare facilities even more.

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