How To Deal With Injuries Sustained During Camping

If you’re planning a camping trip, you will want to be prepared before venturing out. This should include knowledge of the type of injuries people suffer most frequently while camping. Being prepared for unexpected injury or other trouble will give you that much more peace of mind if something happens.

Generally, the most frequent injuries to take place while camping isn’t anything too shocking. Still, it’s a good idea to plan ahead of time and even pack for the worst-case scenario, just in case.

Aside from making sure you are safe and will not suffer further damage after being injured, thinking about your options is the next step you take. Maybe someone or a company is responsible? Talking to a lawyer to figure it out is important. If you’re in New Jersey or New York City area, Brandon J. Broderick Personal Injury Attorney at Law can help you. As laws vary from state to state, speaking to a lawyer in your area makes the most sense.

Here are some tips that will help you prepare for a safe camping excursion, including how to cope with the most frequent camping ailments.


While camping, dehydration is one of, if not the most frequent, injury or risk you may suffer. Because you’re outside and in the heat, you’re more prone to get dehydrated.

It’s a good idea to drink water as well as consume fruit, which can help you stay hydrated. If you know you’ll be going camping, start hydrating a few days ahead of time so you don’t have to play catch-up in the heat.

Skin Irritation

Being outside makes you and your skin vulnerable to a number of ailments. From various types of rashes caused by allergic responses to being in the sun, it’s important to do all you can to keep your skin safe when camping.

Sunscreen is your friend and should be used on a daily basis throughout the day. If you do come into contact with poison ivy, or develop a rash, wash it well and change into clean clothing.

Also, if you or anybody else suffers from allergies, be sure to prepare ahead for that. Bring allergy medication, so you’re not miserable throughout your trip.

Cuts & Scrapes

Cuts and lacerations are quite frequent when camping, particularly if you have children who spend the whole day outside. However, if you’ve brought a decent first-aid kit, you should be able to treat any minor cut or wound.

It’s also a good idea to keep wounds clean when outside to prevent infection. Of course, if the injury isn’t treatable with a bandaid or a bandage, it’s best to put the fun on hold and visit the hospital if needed.

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Insect Bites

Suffering insect bites are the most irritating thing you may experience when camping, although they may not seem to be a huge problem at first. They may, however, be very severe and even need medical care. It’s always recommended that you treat the bites and pay attention if they get any worse.

What can you do? When you’re outside, use a lot of bug repellant. When you have the opportunity, keep a fire burning to keep pests and insects at bay.

Broken Bones or Sprains

Be prepared for someone in your group to sprain something if you intend on performing anything physical, such as hiking or swimming. You should bring things like braces and medical tape inside your first-aid box to address those types of injuries.

If you or someone else suffers a fracture, you may treat it briefly, but it’s best to go to the emergency department as soon as possible.

Before leaving for a camping trip or even before you start packing, make yourself your list so it’s easy to check things off your list and not forget anything. The last thing you want is to be outdoors camping and not have the items you need.

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