Reading the card It is essential to play. How to read baccarat (บาคาร่า) card layout It is a unique technique used by many experienced players in their betting, which of course, The objective is to make money and win the game as efficiently as possible.

For the technique of reading the cards, there will be both readings to use to stab many eyes in a row. Another one is To look at the cards on the side that were pierced from that eye to apply the guidelines to play in the next turn immediately. You have a way to read players have confirmed that The results of making real money are as follows:

Read the card outline from the scoreboard.

Both offline and online play has a scoreboard as the main scoreboard. That every player must always watch by the scoreboard. It shows the results of the previous games. which side is the winner In which you must understand the symbols and colors in the scoreboard first from looking at the colors, for example:

  • Red indicates the banker side wins.
  • Up in blue means, the player side wins.
  • Going green means always yielding results.

The next part is the row on the far right, which will show the events that occur in that eye. That will let the player know that in the previous 1-2 turns, which side has won? Then you will look at how to read the cards from this section.

Start by looking at the card points. By calculating the points of each card that will be used for reading the card. In which each point, you will have to count points that are not equal. But this part is not the score according to the card rules. but will calculate the points for reading the cards in particular, namely

  • 10 JQK cards = 1 point
  • Card A = 2 points
  • Cards 2, 3 = 3 points
  • 4 cards = 6 points
  • Cards 5, 7 = -4 points
  • 6 cards = -6 points
  • 8 cards = -3 points
  • 9 cards = -1 point

How to bet using points from card readings

Before starting the first turn, you have 0 points. And you begin to bet on the Banker’s side first by getting 10, 6 cards. This is equal to the card reading principle. You will get a value of -5, which with this numerical value, you will bet on the Banker side as before in the next turn. Or, if the third card is called and the importance of the card reading does not reach -15, you can still bet on the Banker’s side as before.

For this format, it allows the player to bet on the Banker’s side primarily until the total points from the card readings have a negative value of more than -15, or if playing 4 eyes and still have a total score of not more than -15 -15 You can also switch to stab on the player’s side instead.

This is a rough section on how to read the Baccarat card layout. If deeply penetrated, There are still many ways to read according to the face of the cards or according to the form of betting that each table will be different. But if this method can guarantee the initial chance of winning, there will be more than betting by not reading the card.


Even in online play, All players should not be overlooked. How to bet on online baccarat (บาคาร่าออนไลน์) he more you stab, the more intelligent you are. The greater the chance of winning, the bet is more significant because playing online It’s an easy game to make money. But not everyone gets it.

Betting is something you can join in the fun of playing online, which suggests that you should choose to play on a reputable betting site. For example, at this site, you will find excellent service and can be used in different parts smoothly, including making financial transactions that are convenient and fast.

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