Huawei phone p50 pro 2022 | A flagship to be proud of

Huawei has had great success with the series of devices, managing to win global acclaim and some pretty impressive sales. We’ve already written about what we think is coming for Huawei, so today, we’re going to look ahead a little further and see if we can get an idea of what’s coming in 2022 too.

Huawei has typically released one large standard flagship device that sits above the regular P series model, along with two or three smaller versions that sit at different price points around it.

The huawei phone p50 pro is a smartphone that has 128GB of storage and sports a 6.39 inch, 1080 x 2244 pixel touchscreen display. The smartphone comes with Android 9 Pie OS and features front and rear-facing cameras.

According to many reviews online, the Huawei P50 Pro is one of the best phones, earning its place as one of the firsts to have the advanced triple Leica lens camera system. People also love this phone for its large battery life due to its battery capacity. It surely stands out from other smartphones for its amazing camera capability and long-lasting battery.


The Huawei P50 Pro is a breakthrough in smartphone camera technology with its three cameras. The 3 lenses work together to produce better photos than other mainstream phones are capable of, thanks to the large 1/1.7-inch image sensors in these cameras, which are much larger than what you would see in other smartphones that have just two or even one lens at their disposal for taking photos.

As the Huawei p50 pro phone uses Artificial Intelligence or AI, it can identify what you are shooting in real-time and automatically changes your settings. This feature makes this phone one of its kind as it can’t be found in other smartphones available today.

It also has a good camera for video recording. It shoots videos from four different angles, allowing you to edit them to create an immersive 360˚ view that expresses the real-life feel of a situation just like what you see with your eyes. You can even use this feature to track objects or people up to 10 meters away from the device by pointing just one finger at them, making this phone stand out from other smartphones available today.

Not only that, but the Huawei p50 pro phone also allows you to make scans of documents, photos, whiteboards and other text-based information you come across in everyday life, allowing you to work smarter than ever before. This phone has a special document scanner that recognizes text-based documents or files then converts them into editable formats. It can also help you transfer the photos you take using the phone’s camera directly onto your computer via Wi-Fi, so it saves you time and effort.


This smartphone is ideal for people looking to go beyond their current mobile camera possibilities as this device provides not only great picture taking capabilities but also provides distinct possibilities for editing, scanning, and transferring data. The Huawei p50 pro phone also offers a new way of experiencing videos by producing a three-dimensional effect while playing a video on its, making it appealing even to those who would not usually enjoy watching videos on their phone.

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