Spells to heal a broken marriage

The sooner you start using magic to restore your marriage and the sooner you ask a powerful spellcaster for spells to heal a broken marriage, the better. When two people are in a relationship, they’re bound to each other through energy channels. When they’re together and everything is going well, the channels are wide and lose, allowing the energy to flow in an uninterrupted stream. But as the partners fall out of love with each other and start fighting, they start moving away from each other, causing the channels to stretch and narrow. As a result, the energy can no longer circulate properly and one day the channels break and one of the spouses loses all interest in the marriage. Usually the other partner is unable to change it, unless he or she hires a professional magic practitioner. Therefore we encourage you to take actions before it’s too later. One such professional and experienced love spells caster that has taken it upon himself to offer to clarify on the matter is Spellcaster Maxim

Spells to heal a broken marriage

There are plenty of spells to restore a marriage, and many of them are available on this website. So if you don’t like the spells described in this article for some reason, feel free to check some other articles and hopefully you’ll find something you like. You should start looking into magic spells as soon as you notice that your significant other is acting distant and disengaged.​

The best spells to heal a broken marriage are spells cast on food and drinks. The easiest spell is cast on salt. To perform this ritual, make a pull string canvas bag. Make sure the string is long enough for you to tie a loop to wear the bag as an amulet or a talisman.

When the bag is ready, buy a bag of salt at your favorite grocery store. If you don’t mind spending a few extra hours, buy it at a store located outside of your city where you’ve never shopped before. When you enter this store, see if anyone smiles at you, as this is a good sign indicating everything’s going to be great. However, if any of the people at the store is rude to you, if you happen to witness an argument between the customers, or even if you hear someone talking too loudly on the phone as if discussing something extremely unpleasant, walk away and find another store. Don’t buy salt at the store with clear signs of negative energy’s presence.

When you come home, pour the salt into a frying pan, put the pan on the stove, and fry the salt until it emits a corresponding smell. Then take the frying pan with the hot salt and walk around the house. Put a little bit of salt into each corner, as well as on all the thresholds and windowsills using a spoon. Put some salt under your bed too. That way you’ll protect yourself from all kinds of negativity, including:

  • Curses – including those put by accident;
  • Envy – you can be cursed by people envying you;
  • Anger – see above;
  • Spells cast on you to destroy your marriage;
  • Evil forces;
  • Karmic problems;
  • Generational (inherited) curses;
  • Curses and hexes.

If there’s some salt left in the frying pan, put it in a plastic trash bag along with the pan and the spoon, tie the bag, and take it out.

When you come home, take a shower. Three hours later clean up your place. When you finish cleaning up, throw away all the cleaning tools you used and take a shower again. This procedure will keep your marriage protected from negative consequences for 1 to 4 months. Then repeat the procedure.

The spell isn’t over though. There should be some salt left in the bag you bought it in. Pour it into the pull string bag you made by yourself and tie the bag. Now think how exactly you’d like to get your spouse to love you again. Salt allows magic practitioners to use three types of energy:

  • Sexual energy;
  • Spiritual love energy;
  • Mental energy.

The first method is good for people whose relationship is based on sex. This type of save marriage spells allows the spouses to enjoy sex as never before, bringing them closer to each other. The second type of spells helps restore the spiritual aspect of a relationship, which makes the spouses want to be together,  take care of each other, respect each other, and stay faithful to each other. As a rule, with such spells on them, spouses are unable to explain why they love each other. They just do and want nothing else.

Mental spells (spells influencing people through mental energy) are great for people who value good communication, as well as shared hobbies and interests.

If you prefer to influence your spouse through sexual energy, wear the bag on your belt, making sure it touches the groin. The bag shouldn’t be seen by others and you can take it off only to take a shower. If you want to deepen your spiritual connection, wear it on your chest. If you want your spell to work through mental energy, keep the bag under your pillow. Charge the salt for seven days before you start adding it into the food and beverages of your spouse.

Make one of the dishes your spouse has for breakfast, lunch and dinner without salt and then add some later before putting the food on the table.

This spell belongs to save marriage spells use naturaly, and it starts working in about five days after you start adding magical salt into your spouse’s meals. Repeat this ritual using a new canvas bag every 2-3 months, keeping the old ones as amulets.

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