The 6 Must-Have Golf Cart Accessories to Make Your Carts Street-Legal

In recent years, golf carts have become increasingly popular beyond the golf courses. They are widely used for recreation, transportation, and utility purposes. The key reasons behind this trend are low maintenance costs and eco-friendliness compared to regular vehicles. Not to mention golf carts are also highly affordable, easy to maneuver, and compact, making them an ideal choice for short-distance travel. However, certain golf cart accessories are needed to make it a compact vehicle street-legal. Fortunately, here are some practical and useful options.

Top 6 Must-Have Accessories for Customizing Street-Legal Golf Carts

Golf carts, also known as golf cars, are broadly used in golf courses and other recreational fields. There are six accessories that you can update on your golf cart. The following are the popular suggestions that can make your compact vehicle safer, enjoyable, and functional on the road.

  • Windshield

The first must-have accessory is a golf cart windshield. A quality golf cart windshield will protect you from rain, wind, and other environmental elements, making your ride safer and more comfortable.

  • Golf Cart Light Kit

Another crucial accessory for customizing a street-legal golf cart is the light kit. A golf cart light kit includes many items, such as brake lights, taillights, headlights, etc. All of these are important to make your golf cart visible to other motorists on the road.

  • Turn Signals

Some golf cart light kits come with turn signals, but you can buy this accessory separately. Turn signals are crucial if you use your golf cart to run errands or commute. Some of them come with a flashing feature as well to make your compact vehicle more visible to others on the road.

  • Fender

Fenders come in different types of materials, e.g., steel, aluminum, plastic, etc., and they are designed to protect your golf cart from damage. You can add them to the front and back of your golf cart. 

  • Mirrors

Mirrors are usually mounted on the sides of the golf cart and are very helpful when driving on busy roads with a lot of pedestrian traffic.

  • Seat Belt

A seat belt enhances your safety when driving your golf cart. These are typically retractable and come with brackets and all the necessary hardware for easy installation.

For Your Safety

Choosing a reliable golf car brand is the most important thing for the user’s safety. The seasoned golf cart accessories brand 10L0L offers many must-have products to help you fully customize your street-legal golf cart and drive safely and comfortably on the road. The brand’s top 3 popular golf cart accessories include Light Kits, Mirror Kits, and Fender Flares.

Golf Cart Light Kit

The universal light kit from 10L0L has been designed to improve the visibility of a golf cart. It has the following key features:

  • Durable and waterproof materials: ABS Plastic/Quartz Glass
  • V3 with RGB daytime running & music light
  • Easy to install and excellent night vision ability
  • Multi-color decoration atmosphere lights suitable for special occasions
  • Multiple lighting modes and smart wireless remote control
  • DIY Upgrade kit includes turn signal, horn, brake light, etc.

Golf Cart Mirror Kits

The wide-angle mirror kits 10L0L provide a panoramic view to enhance your driving experience and improve your safety when driving your street-legal golf cart. With golf cart mirrors, drivers can check the rear view to watch out for oncoming traffic from behind. The mirror kits have the following key characteristics:

    • Extra-wide mirror design offers large clear vision
    • Suitable for most golf carts, such as Club Car, EZGO, YAMAHA
    • Made with durable materials: plastic, iron, and glass 
  • Easy to install and sturdy mounting brackets

Golf Cart Fender Flares

10L0L offers front and back fender flares for complete golf cart customization. These are made from premium-grade materials and offer great protection from damage. Their key characteristics include the following:

  • Sturdy design to offer excellent protection
  • Metal hardware and compatible with multiple golf cart models
  • Easy to install and necessary hardware for installation is provided in the package

With the above-listed top golf cart accessories, you can fully customize your golf cart to make it street-legal and also enhance its functionality and safety on the road. The seasoned brand 10L0L manufactures a wide range of golf cart accessories and offers them at competitively. 

The high-quality golf cart accessories from 10L0L are easy to install, durable, and highly functional. The brand’s key strengths include its focus on quality, attention to detail, and preciousness to customer satisfaction. Their certified golf cart accessories are designed to make golf carts functional, comfortable, and safe on the road. Visit the company’s website to browse more information about golf cart accessories!

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