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The Best Cities in California for Raising a Family

California is one of a kind, offering gorgeous views and highly competitive wages that allow for more people to lead the life they want.  This sounds like a fantastic area for any family, but is it the right choice for yours?

Here’s everything you need to know about raising a family in California and where you should consider doing it!  

San Diego

Although San Diego apartments for rent are more expensive than others on this list, it’s a fantastic place to settle down.  San Diego has been ranked the sixth-best city in the country to raise a family because of its awesome opportunities for education, the number of affordable childcare companies, and the fun your family can have together.  The low crime rate, far lower than the Californian average, is also a plus.  The main thing families seem to worry about is the amount of traffic and how much driving time can take out of relaxation and family time.  

Los Altos Hills

This pricy neighborhood offers a ton of perks, but it comes with its own flaws.  Although the schools are fantastic, and the average monthly income is awesome at over $250,000, this area does have its own issues.  This area is well known for having to deal with fire issues.  Although there is a fire watch that keeps an eye out and works to stop any issues before they begin, there’s no way to guarantee your property will stay safe if the fire seasons continue to be as rough as they have been for the last couple of years.

This is an incredibly pleasant and comfortable place to live, but if you’re worried about fire, it might not be the right choice for you.

West Menlo Park

As the most expensive city on this list, it’s often one that people rule out, but you’ll never find an area like this for your family.  The population is low, only 4,000, which allows for the area to feel like a tight-knit community.  On top of that, it has multiple fantastic schools, including a Montessori children’s center, which will help your child be smarter and faster, and a high average income.  Unfortunately, the average rent is almost three thousand dollars a month, and the average house is over two million dollars.  Although this is a fantastic city, it’s not feasible for most people.  

South Pasadena

Although this is an extremely expensive area to live in, South Pasadena has the best schools in California.  From South Pasadena Senior High School to Arroyo Vista Elementary School, you’ll love the education your children will be able to glean here.  The median rent is $1,802, which is higher than the national average but low as far as California goes.  This could be a great choice for anyone wanting to get their kids into better schools.

California Has So Much to Offer

Whether you’re new to the state or relocating within it, there’s a lot to find here!  California is a dream come true for so many people, so consider chasing your dreams here as well.

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