The Best Financial Apps for iOS And Android Users

The mobile revolution has taken over our lives, and now financial apps are no longer limited to PCs or laptops. There are plenty of great financial lease management software solutions out there to suit every user’s needs. By combining a number of different features into one online gambling app (or website), you can manage your entire personal finances from the palm of your hand. Here we discuss some of the best finance apps available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Financial Apps With Multiple Platform Support


The Quicken Mobile suite is completely compatible with all major mobile devices including Apple’s iPhone, iPad, as well as Google Android phones and tablets. This means that if you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device, this app will work for you without any problems. It also supports Windows Phone 7/8/10 devices so users who want to use Microsoft’s latest platform should definitely take advantage of it.


While not technically considered a “personal finance” app per se, Mint is still used by many people as their go-to solution for managing their money. The free version offers basic functionality such as tracking your spending, creating budgets and analyzing your net worth.


This popular app is another option for those who would like to make use of multiple platforms. MoneySaver offers two main versions: One for Mac OS X users and another for Windows PC users. Both offer detailed financial reports while the Mac version comes packed with features such as automated savings plans, tax preparation, bill reminders, expense management for casino games and more. It costs just $9.95 per year.

Honeycomb Hive

Honeycomb Hive is a web-based application that lets you keep track of your expenses in real-time. You simply log in via your Facebook account and enter your credit card information to start making payments. Once you’ve entered your payment details, Honeycomb automatically creates detailed expense reports and sends them to your Facebook feed.


Keeping hold of real money can be quite daunting at times. Luckily, there are plenty of different options now out there to help you get your finances under control. While most of these apps are free, they certainly come with a cost of some kind when it comes to upgrading your data storage space. Do yourself a favor and check each of them out before deciding where to spend your hard-earned cash!

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