The Most Effective Treatments for Varicose Veins

Veins play a critical part in our bodies. After the arteries have taken blood to all body parts, the veins take the blood back to the heart. In some instances, the veins can be dilated, enlarged, or overfilled with blood, a condition known as varicose veins. The veins will appear swollen and have a bluish-purple color, and might be painful. There has been an increase in people seeking treatment for varicose veins Upper East Side. The following are the common treatments for varicose veins.  


There are instances where a specialist would instruct you to have surgery. The main reason is when your varicose veins are large. This process is carried out under general anesthetic. If a qualified specialist does the surgery and the patients do not have any other underlying condition, they can go home the same day. Nevertheless, if the surgery is performed on both legs, they can spend at least one night in the hospital. The laser treatments are applied to close the smaller veins. In other instances, the strong bursts of light are used to help these veins to fade and eventually disappear.

Stripping and Ligation

When performing this process, the specialist will make two incisions. The first one will be near the groin above the vein targeted, while the other one will be at the knee or the ankle. The specialist will ensure that the top of the vein is tied up tightly and sealed. The doctor will make the thread a thin, flexible wire through the bottom of the vein and then pull it out with the vein. After the procedure, the patient can go home. One of the side effects of the procedure is that the person can suffer from bleeding, pain, and bruising.

Transilluminated powered phlebotomy

During this process, the specialist will thread an endoscopic transilluminator using an incision under the skin to help trace the veins which should be removed. These veins are then cut and removed using the suction device. The specialist can use a local or general anesthetic. In some instances, the patient will suffer bruising and pain.

Radiofrequency Ablation

The doctor will carry out a minor incision below or above the knee using the ultrasound scan. The specialist will thread the catheter or the narrow tube in that vein. The doctor will insert the probe into the catheter, emitting radiofrequency energy. This energy will heat the vein, collapsing the walls, closing and sealing the vein. This ablation is carried out together with the local anesthetic.

Endogenous Laser Treatment

The specialist will insert a catheter into the individual’s vein. The doctor will then thread a small laser through the catheter while setting it up at the top of the target vein. It will deliver short energy, which will heat up and burst the vein, sealing it up. This procedure is done under local anesthetic. In some instances, the patient could suffer from some minor nerve injury. 

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