The Role of A Pediatrician In Your Child’s Life

Parenthood isn’t a bed of roses, especially if you are a first-time parent. You may experience some challenges figuring out your child’s needs. The San Pedro pediatrics at Harbor Community Health Centers make your experience more pleasant by ensuring your child’s overall health.

The essence of pediatrics

Pediatric care is designed to cater to your child’s needs at a professional level. While you may be confident in your parenting skills, you may fail to notice some things your child may be struggling with. The Harbor Community Health Centers team knows how to connect with children, enabling them to detect abnormal behavior and take the necessary action. From the moment you receive your bundle of joy, the team offers the advice ad support you need to ease your transition to parenthood. The routine visits track your child’s development and build a solid relationship so that your child starts getting used to the provider at an early age. Once your child turns three, the specialist tracks your child’s medical exams to ensure they have a healthy and fulfilling childhood even as they transition to adulthood. Services that the pediatricians at Harbor Community Health Centers offer include weight management and counseling, free vaccine program and immunizations, well-child checkups, screening and management of chronic conditions, and school and sports physicals.

What to expect during a pediatric well visit

During a pediatric visit at Harbor Community Health Centers, the team reviews your child’s medical history and discusses the troubles they may be having. They may also measure blood pressure, weight, and height in addition to the general examination of your child’s ears, nose, throat, and eyes. Your provider may also listen to the child’s lungs and examine their stomach for tenderness. Afterward, your provider may educate you on how to stay healthy, including advice on physical activity and diet. Your child may also receive due immunizations during these visits. If you have any inquiries or doubts about your child’s health, feel free to address them with the team.

The difference between pediatricians and primary care providers

General pediatricians are primary care providers, similar to gynecologists, internists, and family physicians, for the age groups they care for. Pediatricians are your o to experts if you notice an abnormality in your child’s behavior or health. Physician assistants and pediatric nurse practitioners can also offer pediatric care for non-emergency or routine care and yearly physicals. If your child has a complex medical disorder, the pediatric professional may refer you to a specialist. The pediatricians oversee their care if your little one is admitted to the hospital for monitoring and treatment. Additionally, pediatric professionals offer preventive care, including weight management, exercise programs, routine checkups, and exams. Pediatric care includes subspecialties like critical care, adolescent medicine, hematology, infectious disease, and developmental-behavioral issues.

Parenthood isn’t supposed to be a nightmarish struggle. Pediatricians make the experience more fulfilling by ensuring your child is happy and healthy. If you are looking for pediatric services for your child, call the Harbor Community Health Centers office or book your spot online today.

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