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Tips for Organizing a Valentine’s Day Pool Party

A pool party allows adults to relax and have fun with one another. No one feels pressured to dress up or act formally when they are at a pool party. You can put on a fun pool party for Valentine’s Day and give your guests a chance to enjoy time with their significant other and a group of their friends.

Make Sure There is Adequate Lighting Around the Pool

Safety should be a priority when you are putting on a Valentine’s Day pool party. One way that you can help guests stay safe when spending time in and around water is by keeping the lighting good. If you are hosting a party that will be going on after the sun sets, make sure that there is adequate lighting set up so that guests know where the pool is and can carefully get into and out of it. Lighting can add to the ambience, too, and you might invest in special heart-shaped or pink or red twinkle lights to put up around the pool.

Make Sure the Pool is Large Enough for the Number of Guests Who Will be Swimming

Your guests might not do any actual swimming at your pool party, but they are going to want to get in the water and have space to move around in it. Whether you are hosting your pool party at your home or you are renting a pool, make sure that you only invite as many guests as will comfortably fit in the pool that you have available. Look for a giant pool to use when hosting Las Vegas pool parties with dozens of guests invited.

Decorate Festively But Simply

When hosting a party for Valentine’s Day, you should have some decorations set up to remind everyone of the occasion being celebrated. When putting on a pool party, though, you want to be careful not to overdo it. You don’t want the decorations to become a hazard or to be in the way as everyone is trying to visit. Invest in a few simple but classy decorations. Consider an ice sculpture for the pool table or a banner to hang up near the pool. If there are going to be umbrellas used by the pool, consider decorating them or swapping them out for red and pink ones.

Have Plenty of Drinks and Snacks Available

When your guests are spending time outside, and in the water, they are going to get hungry and thirsty quickly. Have snacks and drinks ready to keep them satisfied. Put out dishes of nuts and other satisfying snacks that will keep well when left out for hours. Ask guests to bring a drink to share, or set up a bar area where you can put together mixed drinks. Keep water around, too, so that everyone will have easy access to it if they get thirsty.

Have a Camera at the Ready

You will remember your pool party best if you have plenty of pictures of it to look at later. Keep a good camera somewhere near the pool but in a place where it will not get wet, or consider purchasing a special waterproof option that you can use in the pool. Take posed and casual pictures of your guests so that you will remember each part of the party.

Have Extras Around of Things Guests Might Need

Guests should be comfortable and have everything that they need. Stock up with some essentials so that you can meet the needs of your guests if they forget something important at home. Have sunscreen on hand if your party is taking place outside and during the day. Have plenty of towels around for your guests to use. Offer guests hats, coverups, reading materials, and anything else that they might need to enjoy their time at the pool. You will be remembered as a good host if you have plenty of extra essentials around to meet your guests’ needs.

You can put on a pool party for Valentine’s Day that will be remembered for a long time. Invite those you know will enjoy the party and get along with one another, and let yourself relax with your friends while hosting.

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