Top 5 Forts in Goa That Talk Magnificence

The very first thing that crosses our mind, when we think of Goa, is its gorgeous beaches. Evoking a relaxation sensation, beaches truly define life in Goa. And when North Goa comes into picture, exciting nightlife and thrilling water sports activities are listed down as the main attraction. But Goa has so much more to offer. Sitting on the banks of the Arabian sea as its west coast, the place is a marvelous reflection of some great architectural forms that are reflected in the form of Forts.

There are quite a few forts in Goa, with each one representing their own style and an interesting story. Forts of the gone era spell magnificence in their every brick personifying the rich culture of Goa back then too. Many of the forts have been restored in the form of cultural sites or hotels now, but even then the authenticity is still intact. All the more every fort is unique, and carries some invaluable experience. If you are planning a visit here, include the forts enlisted below, to witness grandeur and royalty.

  1. Fort Aguada- A fort that reflects royalty of the yesteryears is the Fort Aguada. Touted to be built somewhere in the 1600’s, the fort rests beautifully on the river Mandovi, giving a spectacular view of the water ahead. Aguada fort was built several centuries ago, with prison cells that were functional during the Salazar administration in the Portugal period. Further, there are few lighthouses that make it of historical importance. But the best part about Fort Aguada is the adventurous thrill that it levies, with the trekking to its top, and the wonderful view of the sunsets along with the changing colours of the sky that make it just perfect for visitation. Open between 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, do make sure to include the fort in your Goa Holiday Package. 
  2. Chapora Fort- Also, famously known as the “ Dil Chahta Hai Fort” that showcased the three friends of the iconic movie sitting here and reminiscing their friendship, Chapora Fort invites tourists to its sporting activity. Built in the year 1717, the fort is a testimony to the brilliant construction during the yesteryears. With a high top( that forms the gateway for mini-trek) to the sloping sides, the fort speaks of the lost grandeur. It is believed that there was once a church too inside the complex, which no longer exists. Nevertheless, Chapora is known for getting amazing views of the Vagator beach as you relax in the evening hours.
  3. Tiracol Fort- Also known as Terekhol fort, Tiracol invites tourists to witness the rich heritage of Goa, through the lens of brilliant architecture. Constructed in the 17th century, by Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle, the structure mainly represented maritime defenses during those years. The fort was also home to a barrack, guns and a chapel. The church is still present here, but it’s open only on certain special occasions. The fort now has been revamped to that of a heritage hotel, where guests can relax and enjoy the fervour of staying in forts. It also serves as a great spot for taking pictures so don’t forget to take your camera along. Take a look at the Reviews on Thrillophilia. 
  4. Reis Magos Fort- One of the unique forts of Goa, Reis Magos has been intact on the hill top for almost 460 years. Yes, it is a true demonstration of what great and strong architecture can represent. Dating back to the 1551 era, the fort was adorned with laterite walls and turrets. Historically, it was very important since it was the go-to place for the viceroys and other important personnel who came to the land of goa. In fact, Reis Magos was also a prison for some time until 1993, after which it stopped being so. A lot of restoration work has been done, to bring back the essence of the yesteryears. Revamped in the form of a cultural centre, visitors can witness the rich heritage of Goa here. And more importantly, you can rent out the place for some amazing photoshoots or for celebrating events such as weddings, or birthday parties.
  5. Corjuem Fort- One of the rather smaller forts, Corjuem is a wonder to look at. Demonstrating the architecture of Goa with the combination of Ottoman, Goan and Portuguese styles, the fort rests on the Corjuem river making way for a great sightseeing option. It is a pleasure to look at the land and see from this spot which is   picture worthy. You can visit the fort anytime between 6 am in the morning till 7 pm in the night. One of the best things about the fort is its architecture which is quite unique. Apart from attracting tourists, many archaeologists also find this monument an interesting one.

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