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Walking Shoes: Tips to Buy the Perfect Ones

Singaporeans are apparently the fastest walkers on the planet! They have the fastest walking speed. On average, they walk about 6.15km/ hr. Though it is one of the smallest countries in the world, they have many parks spread out, encouraging people to walk.

Having the right walking shoes in Singapore is a must. A Singaporean walks about 5,674 steps daily, which is a lot compared to others. Since Singapore is the second most walkable city in the world, if you live there or are planning on visiting, you will need good comfy walking shoes.

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Walking Shoes Vs. Running Shoes – What’s the Difference?

Yes, you can walk in running shoes, but why should you? There is a difference between running and walking shoes.

A walker and runner both have different needs, which is why the design of the shoes is different. The three main factors that differentiate these shoes are cushioning, weight and flexibility.

When you walk, your body weight is evenly distributed across the shoe compared to when you run. Running leads to compression on specific points of the foot, so it needs more support than walking shoes.

Walking shoes are usually heavier than running shoes. Runners need their shoes to be lightweight so that they can make quick movements. Walking shoes need to provide stability and support for a slow and steady-paced walk. 

Tips on Picking the Right Walking Shoes

Picking the right walking shoes will ensure that your walks are 100% comfortable and injury free. This will help you get in more steps each day. As a walker, you will undoubtedly aim to hit at least 10,000 steps daily. With the right shoes, 10,000 steps will feel like nothing.

  • Know your foot: Everyone has a different foot type. What’s yours? Are your arches high, low or neutral? Arch support is critical and will affect how you walk. Your feet need the right cushioning.
  • Try then Buy: You need to try out the shoes before you buy them. Walk around the store and see if they feel comfortable. Also, think of what socks you will wear with the shoes because they can make a difference too.
  • 500 Miles: Walking shoes tend to last about 300-500 miles. Of course, it includes factors like body weight, walking style and shoe design. You will have happy feet and less discomfort by picking the best shoes.

Are Good walking shoes Really that Important?

Every sport has its own type of equipment. Golfers have their clubs, baseball players have gloves, and walking enthusiasts have their walking shoes!

Whether you have just begun to go on daily walks or have been doing it for years, the right shoes are a must. They will help you protect your feet and knees. They can also help to prevent calluses and blisters and walk smoothly.

You must have the right pair of walking shoes so that you aren’t injured or hurt when you walk. Many injuries result from not wearing proper shoes when on a walk.

In a Nutshell

Going for a daily walk is so important. It is a basic form of exercise that does not require a lot. With a rise in people walking, it’s a good idea to have the right shoes.

Picking the right walking shoes in Singapore can be tricky because they have to cater perfectly to your feet. But with these tips, I’m sure you will be able to select the right ones. Your walks will feel much. 

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