Warning Signs of a Pending Heart Attack

If you have ever watched a movie or film where an actor has experienced a heart attack, you probably have seen them hold their chest. However, you should be aware that a heart attack in a movie is very different from that in real life. Even though you usually experience pain, it might be less painful and dramatic, but it’s different for every person. Therefore, if you have a family history of heart attack, it would be wise for you to seek heart attack Deerfield Beach services, during which you are taught the warning signs of a pending heart attack to help you seek medical help before it results in death. The warning signs are as follows:

Pain, discomfort, pressure, or fullness in the chest

One way of differentiating pain resulting from a heart from other causes is that it is sudden and very intense, thus easy to tell when you are about to have a heart attack. Other heart attacks might also involve mild discomfort or pain at the center of the chest. In other cases, you might also experience fullness, squeezing, and feel pressure in your chest. In most cases, the symptoms usually begin slowly, and they might disappear and come back. It might also be confusing because the same symptoms are associated with heartburn. However, always pay attention to and consult your care provider when you begin experiencing the above symptoms.

Discomforts in other body parts

Of importance to understand is that a heart attack does not just affect your heart because you can feel its effects throughout your body. In most cases, you can experience the effects of a heart attack on various body parts, including the jaw, arms, stomach, neck, and back. However, the intensity and location of the symptoms may vary from one person to the other.

Nausea and cold sweats

In most cases, experiencing a cold sweat, vomiting, and nausea may suggest you suffer from the flu. However, the same symptoms are also warning or early signs of a heart attack. Since you have had the flu before, you might tell how your body responds to it, and if your instincts tell you that the flu symptoms you are experiencing might be due to a pending heart attack, ensure you consult your caregiver. Please do not ignore these symptoms by assuming they may be due to the flu or stress because you might have a serious health condition.

Difficulty breathing

If you experience loss of breath, especially after performing simple tasks, you should be cautious because it shows that your heart cannot pump sufficient blood to your body parts. Usually, you can experience shortness of breath without or accompanied by chest pains, but it is a warning sign of a heart attack.


It involves feeling lightheaded, and you might even faint. You should note that dizziness can occur in both men and women. Therefore, you should get checked if you begin experiencing dizziness or lightheadedness because you might risk developing a heart attack.

Knowing the warning signs of a heart attack is essential because it helps you seek medical help before the actual heart attack occurs. Therefore, if you know that you have a family history of a heart attack, it would be best to research various signs of a heart attack and seek medical help immediately if you note any signs. You can therefore call Life Imaging Fla and inquire more about the warning signs of a heart attack or seek treatment if you have a heart attack.

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