What Is MiraDry®? Here Are the Basics of the Procedure

Are you having embarrassing underarm sweating outbreaks that are staining your cloth? Do you wish to take back your life and eliminate the excessive sweating? Then you are a candidate for a MiraDry® procedure. Alpharetta aesthetics include a MiraDry® procedure, a minimally invasive treatment that reduces underarm sweating by eliminating your sweat glands.

MiraDry will deliver controlled amounts of microwave energy to destroy hair follicles and break down your sweat glands. Do you want to know more about MiraDry? Here is a discussion on the treatment and how it reduces excessive underarm sweating.

Why Would You Be A Candidate For MiraDry®?

You can benefit from this procedure if you suffer from excessive underarm sweating and wish to reduce the sweat. MiraDry delivers controlled amounts of energy to your underarm sweat glands to eliminate them so you can experience sweat reduction. However, you may need to reconsider your treatment if you are pregnant, need supplemental oxygen, have an electronic device implant, or have ever had armpit surgery.

Do You Need To Prepare For MiraDry®?

Your doctor may recommend shaving your armpit five days before your procedure and then allowing hair to grow back to minimize cuts during treatment. The waiting period for hair growth helps your doctor identify the target treatment areas for hair removal. Also, you may have to avoid antiperspirants and deodorants on the day of treatment. Lastly, your doctor will advise wearing comfortable clothing to provide easy access to your underarms.

What Will You Experience During The Procedure?

Usually, you will not require incisions during MiraDry® treatment. Your doctor will administer local anesthesia to your underarms to ensure comfort and make the procedure painless. Next, your doctor will apply a MiraDry handpiece to your underarm, creating suction and bringing your hair follicles and sweat glands closer to your skin. Then, the device will deliver energy that heats and destroys your sweat glands while keeping your skin cool.

What Will Be Your Recovery Process?

You may experience temporary discomfort after your treatment, but your doctor may recommend taking OTC pain relievers to help relieve your symptoms. You may also experience temporary swelling, bruising, and tenderness. However, you will not require downtime after treatment, but you may need to keep the area clean to promote proper healing. After treatment, you may continue normal activities while avoiding vigorous physical activity. Additionally, your doctor may recommend avoiding deodorants and shaving your underarms until recovery.

What Results Should You Expect?

You will likely report a dramatic reduction of sweat immediately after your treatment. Since the eliminated sweat glands will not grow back, you may have a lasting reduction in underarm sweating. You can achieve results with one treatment, but your doctor may recommend spacing two procedures three months apart to maximize your MiraDry results.

Sweating is a normal body procedure. It allows your body to cool down and regulate its temperature. However, it becomes an issue when your sweat glands overproduce sweat, leading to excessive sweating. Thankfully, the MiraDry procedure is an FDA-approved treatment for breaking down sweat glands and destroying hair follicles to reduce underarm sweating. You can achieve immediate results with one treatment, but you may need two treatments to achieve maximum results. Additionally, you will require no downtime after your procedure so that you can resume normal activities.

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