What Should You Know About Treatment With Sylfirm X?

Aging is inevitable, but sometimes it sets in earlier than usual. You may notice wrinkles, fine lines, skin tone, texture changes, and a double chin. If you are still in good health and have realistic skin expectations, you can benefit from Sylfirm X treatment at MELORA Health & Enhancement.

Sylfirm is a minimally invasive microneedling treatment that refines your skin and induces collagen production. As a result, you enjoy a transformed skin appearance, improved skin tone, and texture, and minimized scars. Here is a discussion of what you should know about treatment with this procedure.

What Conditions Are Treatable With Sylfirm X?

You can notice skin improvements with Sylfirm for skin issues, including wrinkles, acne and acne scars, skin tone and texture, and sagging skin. The treatment can also reduce eye bags, tighten eyelids, plump and add skin volume, and reduce stretch marks and a double chin. Additionally, Sylfirm X can address excessive underarm sweating, melisma, and facial flushing.

Sylfirm aims to balance your skin tone and texture and tighten sagging skin. During treatment, collagen production increases to heal your skin from facial flaws. As a result, you will achieve a younger skin appearance and a clearer skin tone.

What Makes You A Good Candidate For Sylfirm X?

You can benefit from this procedure regardless of skin type and age, especially if you are still healthy. When early aging signs set in and you have realistic expectations of what you are seeking, you can go for a Sylfirm X treatment. You make a good candidate if you want to address pigmentation, scars and wish to achieve skin and body rejuvenation.

However, you may be excluded from treatment if you have acute acne, active sore breakout and eczema, and a skin infection. Your doctor may also recommend postponing treatment if you are pregnant, are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and are on anticoagulants. Therefore, you may need a consultation session with your doctor to determine your candidacy for treatment.

What Should You Expect Before Treatment?

Before Sylfirm X treatment, you will have a full assessment session with your doctor to determine your skin needs. You may have to schedule your treatment session at least a week before major social events. Your doctor will recommend avoiding anti-inflammatory medications a week before your treatment.

On the treatment day, you will arrive without makeup and after washing your face. Your doctor will then apply a numbing cream on your skin and let it take effect. Numbing your skin ensures you are relaxed and comfortable throughout treatment.

How Does Treatment Work?

Your doctor will use an electronic handpiece to pierce your skin and deliver heat below your skin surface. The system will apply precise energy levels to ensure the radiofrequency energy penetrates the depth of your skin for optimal results. Puncturing your skin will cause micro-injuries that result in new collagen production.

Collagen production leads to a tighter appearance and younger-looking skin. You may notice tightening results immediately after your treatment. However, continual improvements will continue in the weeks following your treatment.

You can treat many skin issues with Sylfirm X treatment, an advanced microneedling technology. Sylfirm X can address basic skin tightening to treat skin pigmentation issues on your outer layers. Regardless of skin type, your doctor can recommend this treatment for almost all skin issues.

After treatment, you may begin to notice visible results immediately as collagen works to transform your skin. However, more optimal results may continue over the weeks that follow. Skin rejuvenation can permanently increase collagen in your skin to ensure durable results.

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