When Should You See An Orthopedic Doctor?

Do you numb joint and back pain with medications and home remedies? Although a pain doctor and physical therapist may alleviate your pain, you should consider clifton nj orthopedics, as orthopedic doctors deal with issues affecting the bones, joints, and the spine. They are trained and experienced in handling joint problems and may treat injuries acquired in the field. Although the primary doctor may treat knee and spine pain, they would recommend orthopedic care if the pain and injuries are severe. Here are reasons to see an orthopedic doctor.

Joint Pain 

The joints support the body and keep an upright posture. However, they are prone to pain due to misuse injuries and pressure that result from weight gain. Remedies like exercise may work for joint pain as they improve the connective ligaments’ functionality and range of motion. Additionally, the exercises may lead to weight loss alleviating the pressure on the joints and reducing pain. However, the constant pain which results from sicknesses such as arthritis might be difficult to treat, and you would need surgery to numb the pain. The surgery introduces new gliding surfaces made of porcelain clay and metal alloy, thus reducing pain.

Back Pain

Back pain may result from herniated discs which exert pressure on the nerves in the spine. A surgery that fuses the discs may reduce the pressure exerted on the nerves. Additionally, the spine is prone to pain due to bad posture and injuries in the field, and the orthopedic doctor will deal with the pain and discomfort in the back.

When Starting An Exercise Regime

You should see an orthopedic doctor when starting a new exercise regime as they assess the health of the bones and joints and recommend the right exercises. It is safe to start with light exercises and increase the intensity once you gain core strength. Additionally, the orthopedic doctor will guide you on the proper exercise techniques that restore knee and ankle joint health.

When Engaging In Competitive Athletic Activities

Athletes should consult sports doctors specializing in treating injuries acquired in the field. Sports doctors may guide patients on the right moves and strategies that don’t strain the joints and ligaments. They treat issues such as tennis elbow due to the elbow joint’s misuse. Additionally, they replace worn knee joints and restore the health of the bones.

When You Want To Try Regenerative Medicine

Sometimes orthopedic doctors may recommend regenerative medicine such as platelet-rich plasma PRP to treat injuries. The orthopedic doctors will inject the PRP directly into the damaged joints resulting in healing. The PRP is made of pure plasma with regenerative and healing properties. They promote the clotting of blood and the healing of wounds.

You should not opt for pain medications and home remedies when dealing with bone, joint, and spinal problems. Although your primary doctor may treat the issues affecting the spine and joints, they would recommend further treatments at an orthopedic doctor’s office. The orthopedic doctor is trained and understands the anatomy of the spine, joints, and bones. They may recommend regenerative medicine, such as PRP, to improve the healing process after an injury or surgery to deal with the issues completely. They conduct knee replacement surgery and spinal disc fusion and recommend the best exercises which restore spinal and joint health.

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