Why You Need a Primary Care Physician

Most of us only think of a doctor when we fall ill. Others only go for annual checks for financial reasons; to lower health insurance costs. It is a norm as we strive to keep up with the fast-paced world, but this does more harm to overall health and well-being. As you strive to keep your family healthy for an extended period, including primary care visits in your routine is critical. You should visit Lenox Medical Clinic at least once or twice a year for physical and thorough health screening. If you have yet to give it a thought, here is why you need and should routinely visit a primary care physician.

A preventative measure

Being proactive with your family’s health can’t be emphasized enough. It saves you time and money and helps avoid considerable stress, such as due to emergencies. A primary care physician is skilled in many fields. During the visits, your family will be screened to identify if you have or are developing any worrying health concerns. This facilitates prompt diagnosis, intervention, and treatment.

When concerns are spotted in time, they don’t cause significant friction to treat and manage. Less invasive treatments are viable at such stages, which are less emotionally and financially demanding. Moreover, the primary care physician will equip you with valuable information to help your family adopt and stick to a healthier regimen. This ranges from nutritional counseling following age, medical history, physical activities, and keeping up with vaccinations, among others. Such a preventative approach keeps conditions at bay, helping you raise a healthier family.

An entry point

When an ailment hits, where do you go? Most people have no idea where to go, which sees them either visiting the ER or urgent care facilities. This can be costly and inconvenient since some concerns do not warrant emergency/urgent care. Having a primary care physician helps avoid such a situation. You know who to call first, even in an emergency.

A primary care doctor understands you and your family’s medical history. This further makes the doctor an excellent starting point as you seek medical attention. With such history, they are best positioned to establish the right tests to conduct. This fast-tracks the care, which can help avoid a condition from escalating and becoming a serious threat. If you need a specialist’s attention, the primary care doctor can also link you up, further making the medical care process more manageable.

Lifetime care

Primary care doctors can be with your family for years. They can handle various concerns, from pediatric to geriatric care and everything in between. They can even help with chronic condition management. This provides a chance to develop a healthier relationship with a physician, making it easier to ensure your family receives quality care over the years.

A primary care physician can help you stay out of the hospital or need ER visits. They make keeping your family healthier over the years easier without incurring high medical costs. They monitor your health, provide resourceful information, and direct you to the right specialists when needed, helping you ensure each family member’s health care is as per their needs. Visit Lenox Medical Clinic today for more on primary care, what it entails, and how it can help.

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