6 Tips to Prevent Neck Pain

Pain can make you feel miserable and vastly affect the quality of your life. Pain can be prevalent and complex, and this necessitates the need for specialized treatment. Pain can be acute or chronic and, if left unmanaged, could result in complications such as depression. The professionals at Pain Management 360 can help determine the root cause and devise a personalized management strategy designed to alleviate it and improve the quality of your life.

Neck pain is among the common concerns that can make it hard to perform daily activities, get a good night’s rest, work, or enjoy recreational activities. Luckily, you can follow a few measures to prevent neck pain risks. Below are some tips to help you get started.

1. Neck stretching exercises

Keeping your neck muscles strong by exercising can help relieve existing pain and strengthen it. This can also protect the neck from future strain and pain. A simple and effective exercise is the chin tuck, which helps strengthen the muscles that keep your head in alignment. Other exercises that you can perform include prone cobra and back burn.

2.      Improve your posture

Your posture plays a huge role in how your back and neck feel. Poor posture can lead to straining of muscles, resulting in pain or injury over time. When standing or sitting, ensure your shoulders are aligned with your hips, and keep your ears above your shoulders.

3.      Try sleeping on your back

Sleep can play a part in your musculoskeletal pain, including shoulder and back pain. Sleeping on your back is an excellent position to let your entire vertebrae rest comfortably. If you change sleeping positions, as most people do, have a pillow or two that works for the different positions. Sleeping on your back can help keep your spine aligned and prevent stressing your shoulder and neck. This can lower the chances of experiencing neck pain.

4.      Use a pillow

Many support and comfort neck pillows are available, meaning you can find one depending on your sleep preference. You can find what works best for you through trial and error. It is good to find and use a pillow to keep your spine in alignment by supporting your neck.

5.      Keep electronic gadgets at eye level

Whether looking at your phone or working on your computer, keeping the gadget at eye level is good to prevent straining your neck. For devices like laptops which require you to face down at an angle to view the screen, connecting it to a separate monitor can help avoid neck pain. You should also take periodic breaks and practice some neck exercises.

6.      Stay hydrated

Hydration is good for your neck because it nourishes the discs between your vertebrae. This keeps the discs flexible and your neck vertebrae strong. You should drink enough water daily to ensure you are well-hydrated and reap the benefits beyond neck pain prevention.


Neck pain prevention is more practical than alleviating it since you may have to rely on medication. Contact Pain Management 360 today for more on neck pain prevention and management measures.

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