Suicidal Warning Signs of Depression and Treatment Options

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that more than 9% of American adults yearly suffer from at least a major depressive episode. Depression is also common among children and teenagers and may often go undiagnosed and untreated. You should be able to recognize potential signs and symptoms of depression so that you can seek treatment immediately. If you have depression and do not go for treatment at the 2nd Chance Treatment Center, you become more at risk of various health issues. Studies link clinical depression with mental disorders, such as social phobia, panic attacks, and anxiety disorder, which affect millions of Americans.

If depression causes you to have a mental illness, especially substance abuse or depressive disorder, you become highly susceptible to committing suicide. According to the CDC, more than 45,000 Americans died by suicide in 2020. It is possible to prevent suicide. One possible way is by recognizing potential warning signs of depression and suicide and seeking professional help.

Warning signs of depression that can lead to suicide

If you are severely depressed, you may want to commit suicide to put an end to the pain you are experiencing. You may thus find yourself talking or thinking more about harming yourself.

You may speak frankly about wanting to die or embrace more talk about the often taboo topic of death. You may experience suicidal thoughts to an extent of researching ways how to execute such morbid ideas.

You may even take the necessary steps to prepare for your demise. For example, you may want to pen a suicide note, update your will, give your stuff for free, or say goodbye to your loved ones.

If you suffer from severe depression and risk suicide, you may also avoid close connections with friends, workmates, and family. You may also skip social gatherings, lose interest in your favorite activities, and remain isolated most of the time.

Also, you may start thinking you are a burden to others, have mood swings, become sleep deprived, and act recklessly. For example, you can operate recklessly by driving while intoxicated, drinking excessive alcohol, or having unprotected sex.

Treatment options for depression warning signs

If you have suicidal thoughts or know someone who may be thinking about committing suicide, talk to a professional in mental health immediately. Talking to a trained and experienced counselor can help save your life or save you from severe injuries.

Anxiety and depression treatments may involve the use of antidepressants and psychotherapy. Your therapist will also teach you other ways to cope with depression and anxiety and avoid suicidal thoughts, such as exercising daily, eating a balanced diet, dancing, listening to music, and avoiding drinking alcohol and smoking. 

Remaining physically active can assist in improving blood delivery to your brain, boosting your mood, and providing stress relief. Research shows that if you jog for about half an hour thrice a week, you can get the same benefits associated with psychotherapy for depression treatment.

Contact 2nd Chance today for specialist diagnosis and treatment of your anxiety and depression symptoms.

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