Teaching Students To deal with Ups & Down Of life With Help of Wisdom

Skills which can make a human cope up with good and bad situations are very important. Today humans have lost the originality of life, today humans are living according to the demand of competitive and artificial society, and to survive in such a scenario humans need a particular. The earlier education system was very complex but today due to online learning it has become very easy to acquire knowledge and information. In the same way, life skill education is also very important for the students to survive in the outer world. Students should be self-aware about themselves; this helps themselves to understand themselves deeply and properly. When one becomes self-aware then he or she answers to himself/herself only and in such situations, one uses his/her words, deeds and thoughts very wisely which cannot hurt anyone and cannot create any problem for anyone else Such responsible thoughts make a student or an adult very disciplined in his/her personal life. Empathy makes students understand their peer group, their family members and their tutors very correctly and create a balance in relationships they make in their personal, academic and professional life. This trait of human nature makes trust and bond of relationships stronger as well as decreases situations of misunderstanding also.

Another human skill is communication, this part of human trait is a very powerful medium to get connected with another human being or any other living organism. This skill should be learnt by every student or human being in order to face the ups and downs of life effectively. Communication is that skill which can be used in many crucial situations where almost all the solutions fail, a proper communication works. It is very ridiculous to put a mind in a closed room, repeating the same task again and again and expecting the induction of wisdom in it. Student’s mind is just like a blank slate on which something can be written only when the chance to write something is given so students should be taken outside the class and should be given outside learning as a new opportunity. Students’ lives are all about making mistakes and learning from their experiences. When students go to new places and meet new people they learn from them, they learn from their activities and decision-making methods and this learning improves the wisdom level of students. Apart from this whatever they see they keep on asking their tutors and parents and their guidance also makes them wise according to the time and age.

Students should be taught by their parents and teachers that wisdom comes from the correct choices and decisions made by them so they should keep meeting new people especially elders and keep asking and presenting their queries so that they can learn from the knowledge of those learned ones. Parents and teachers should give them the great mantra to stop and think first before making any decision. To think over is very necessary and no decision should be taken without proper thinking. This makes the student a wise person and this practice improves wisdom in them. It works just like the tool of the modern education system, i.e., the school ERP system. It is so because the school ERP system also makes decisions regarding school management very wisely. The best way to teach wisdom to any student is to teach him or her politeness or humility. This is the best attribute in any human being which represents his upbringing and wisdom level too. Parents need to make students understand that being humble is that attribute which makes a child win the heart of all people and they all teach him/her something very good to increase his/her wisdom level as being polite is also a part of being wise. 

Parents should discuss with their children about what is most important for them in their life to learn from and what they want to do further in their life? Questions like this makes them think that now they should really have to think about these things and this thought will make them responsible for their duties and they themselves will seek some ways to learn about such duties and ways to accomplish them. This whole process is invoking wisdom in them as discussed initially that it is never gifted, wisdom comes from practice and experience. For example, if a student is unable to memorize the details of a term “ERP for schools India” then he/she needs to practice and learn the details of a term “ERP for schools India” again and again to memorize it properly. The most powerful skill which handles all the above skills needed to handle ups and downs of life is to deal with emotions and handling stress because when one is not able to handle these two things everything shatters. That is why one needs to control emotions and should never let stress ruin the self-confidence he or she has in him/her.

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