The Benefits of Telepsychiatry Explained

Telepsychiatry involves a provider’s use of telecommunications devices, including smartphones, to offer patients various mental health care services. Incorporating online appointments into patient care plans continues to increase steadily in popularity due to its benefits. From an unparalleled level of convenience to superb cost savings, Midtown East telepsychiatry is rapidly growing as the healthcare community experience its many benefits, including:

Better time optimization

Lack of time is among the top reasons people miss healthcare appointments, including therapy sessions. Busy professionals also often experience last minute scheduling conflicts and may be unable to abandon their work responsibilities for some hours to drive to and from a healthcare appointment. Below are several ways telemedicine can help reduce the number of time-relate no-shows.

  • No transit time; this saves hours for patients.
  • Patients can resume pending activities immediately rather than driving back home.
  • Patients do not need to wait before seeing their care provider

More comfortable for patients

Telepsychiatry allows patients to have therapy sessions with their therapist from the comfort and safety of their homes. This is especially helpful for patients with extreme anxiety or those uneasy in clinical or unfamiliar settings. It is also the same for individuals with panic disorders or agoraphobia; teletherapy can help relieve the anxiety. As a result, the sessions become more therapeutic and effective.


Therapy in the comfort of your home is very convenient as it eliminates patient travel and waiting lines. You also don’t have to look for extra help, like someone to pick up the kids from school or a co-worker to delegate duties to. Telepsychiatry also reduces scheduling conflicts, benefiting both the patient and the therapist because of how convenient this modern service is; patients are less likely to miss their appointments. Telepsychiatry is also convenient because appointments can be scheduled outside regular business hours.


The cost savings that telepsychiatry offers are too great to ignore. By participating in telehealth services, patients enjoy a host of cost savings, including lower gasoline expenses due to eliminating travel time. An online therapy session does not interfere with a patient’s day-to-day routine; for example, they don’t need to take time off from work, meaning their earnings don’t reduce.

High rate of patient participation

As previously mentioned, the convenience of telepsychiatry is among the main reasons patients are less likely to miss their appointments. Up to 50% of patients don’t attend traditional or in-office healthcare appointments. As such, care providers are increasingly turning to teletherapy to bolster patient participation rates. There are numerous reasons why face-to-face healthcare appointments result in poor turnouts. Poor accessibility to care, cost concerns, and lack of time are the most common barriers. But telepsychiatry eliminates these barriers, paving the way for higher participation rates.

Fewer delays in mental health treatment

Telepsychiatry makes it easier for anyone, regardless of age, location, and physical capability, to access mental health services. Therefore, it reduces the number of people who suffer silently from mental disorders.

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